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Specialized Social Media Marketing Package


Corticom’s specialized social media marketing package is one of the most advanced integrated digital marketing packages available from any company. Designed to fully connect you with your consumer and grow your brand.

Product Description

Our specialized social media marketing package is for brands and businesses looking to really make a heavy impact in the world of digital media. This package utilizes all specialized social network means to help you connect with your consumer in real time, grow your brand identity with specialized social media marketing solutions and develop a more rounded online identity.

Our specialized social media marketing plan includes:

  • Facebook Page Creation and Customization
  • Google+ Page Creation
  • Twitter Account Creation and Customization
  • 15 Facebook posts per week
  • 15 Google+ posts per week
  • 25 Twitter posts per week
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Daily Account Management
  • Daily Customer Interaction
  • Selective Follower Building
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Tumblr Account Creation
  • Tumblr 10 posts per week
  • Pintrest Account Creation
  • Pintrest 15 posts per week
  • 3 Pinterest Board Added per week
  • Weekly Instagram Post Optimization
  • Google+ Community Creation and Management
  • Google+ Circle Creation/Inclusion
  • YouTube Account Creation and Promotion
  • Video uploads to YouTube
  • LinkedIn Page Creation and Management
  • LinkedIn Group Creation
  • LinkedIn 15 Post per week
  • Facebook Ad Creation and Management
  • Promoted Tweets
  • LinkedIn Ad Creation and Management
  • PPC Management


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